Carla Beck was born and raised on a farm just outside of Dauphin, Manitoba. From the time Carla was 4 years old she could be heard daily performing "concerts" for imaginary audiences. When she was 4 she also began singing with her 3 older sisters, "The Durston Sisters" throughout the Prairie Provinces in music festivals, provincial and local competitions and on television.

At the age of 10, she began performing as a solo artist, singing her own original tunes and accompanying herself on the piano at churches and local community events. Her training with the Toronto Royal Conservatory of Music for piano and theory gave her an excellent advantage in her songwriting skills. Her audiences love her catchy songs and the unique, thought-provoking messages behind them.

Carla continued writing and performing her original tunes throughout her teen years and into early adulthood, but thought of her dream as just that - a dream. It wasn't until years later, as an adult, driving in her car one day with the radio set to 'scan', she came upon a Country Music station, and everything stopped at that moment in time. She realized that what she wanted to be when she grew up was a singer/songwriter - and now she was grown up and had not lived her lifetime dream. It was at that moment, she decided that she was going to write songs, record a CD, and become nationally and internationally known as a Country Music Artist.

In the Fall of 2005, Carla's dreams of becoming a country music recording artist started to take shape. Working with the well known CCMA award winning producer, J. Richard Hutt (Jamie Warren, Lace, Gil Grand, John Landry, Diane Chase, Sean Hogan, Beverley Mahood), Carla recorded her debut CD, "Canadian Girl". With all 10 songs written by Carla herself, Carla's debut CD is full of upbeat, catchy music that people really relate too. The subject matter in her songs is new and unique, and somewhat unprecedented. The comments this country songwriting phenomenon receives most often about her songs is, "Wow! What a catchy song! Why hasn't anyone ever written about this subject before?"

Carla is receiving strong interest from Music Industry Professionals and Media in regard to her songwriting ability. Her songs cover a vast range of topics from encouraging her listeners to live their childhood dreams, to how our lives are created through what goes on in our heads, to the struggle a mom has letting her teenagers go, and many other topics right down to and including what it means to be a Canadian girl.

Country music programmers across Canada are commenting about her tunes being fun and that they are drawn to the uninhibited fun spirit in which she performs. She is also being sought out by Major Corporations to speak and perform her motivating, tell-it-like-it-is, entertaining tunes at Seminars and National Conferences.

Anyone who meets Carla can see that she is a people-magnet. She exudes confidence and charisma and is passionate about living her dream of not only making music, but changing people's lives and helping them pursue their dreams through the message she presents when speaking and performing.

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